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Luxurious Bath Experiences

Immerse in our oversized tub, with selfcare products such as body scrubs, cleansers, facial masks, and body oils provided to give you the private, luxurious soak that you're craving! The perfect addition to any massage.

25 minutes | 90

Make it a couples Bath | add 15

Choose from: 

*Cleopatra's Goddess Bath (Apricot Milk Bath)

*Arnica Joint & Muscle Bath (Arnica Bath Salts)

*Rocky Mountain High CBD Bath (CBD Lavender Salts)


Massage Therapy

Let our talented massage therapists pamper you, nurture you and help you to improve your well-being! Add a massage accent to your massage for the perfect relaxation experience.

*Prices listed do not include a 22% service fee upon checkout, as gratuities for the associates who serve you.

Additional gratuities may be added upon your request.

Head Massage

Qi Signature Massage

60, 75 or 90 minutes
155 | 185 | 215

Enjoy mountain-style relaxation with your choice of our made-in-house aromatherapy blends, a tension-melting warm back compress, and additional customized options of cupping & CBD salve (1 area).


*Also Available in our Couples Duet Suites.


Ashiatsu Deep Pressure Massage

60, 75 or 90 minutes
155 | 185 | 215

For those who feel they never get enough pressure, this massage (pronounced Ah-She-At-Su) provides the deep, broad pressure that you're craving! Your specially trained therapist uses their clean bare feet to effectively deliver deep yet comfortable  gliding strokes with soul-satisfying pressure. Muscle tension relief lasts longer post-massage than other forms of bodywork.

Bottles of Essential Oil

Infused Massage

60, 75 or 90 minutes
155 | 185 | 215

Colorado's finest CBD + our peppermint & frankincense infused Yoga Balm, combined with your choice of massage pressure will help relieve deep seated tension in the body -  especially beneficial for repairing muscle tissue after a long hike or exhilarating day in Estes Park!


*Also available in our Duet Couples Suites.

Pain Relief Massage.png

Pain Relief Massage

75 minutes | 215

Our Pain Relief Massage is designed to alleviate discomfort and promote well-being. This innovative treatment combines the ancient art of acupuncture to disrupt pain passageways, combined with the therapeutic benefits of CBD-enhanced deep tissue massage, expertly performed by our Dual-Licensed Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist, Melissa Roberts. Perfect for those experiencing muscle pain or spasms, headaches, travel fatigue, chronic or acute tension, and general inflammation.

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Massage Accents

Lemon & Calendula Facial Refresher


A soft lemon cleansing cream, linden-calendula calming masque, and stone crop mist will soothe, hydrate, and balance all skin types. Adds 15 minutes.

ThermaBliss Hot Stone Therapy


Specialized stones, warmed with internal mineral energy, stay the perfect temperature throughout your massage to deliver soothing heat with a seamless flow to areas of tension.


Dry Brushing


Dry brushing encourages healthy movement of lymph throughout the body, while gently sloughing off dead skin cells. Dry brushing can also aid in stress relief and improve digestion and kidney function. Adds 15 minutes to your massage.

Macadamia-Lime Back Polish


This crisp lime blossom scrub is packed with hydration for dry skin and followed by a steamed towel compress to deliver silky soft skin in the areas that you can't reach!

ThermaBliss Paraffin Hand Treatment 


This incredible self-heating, luxurious hand treatment will deeply warm, hydrate, and soften hands. Infused with Swiss Green Apple Stem Cell, Grape Seed Oil, Green, and White Tea Extract Antioxidants along with Vitamins A, B, C, and E.

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