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Express Services

Short but sweet, these express services are a perfect quick

pick-me-up, or great to mix and match!

Spa Massage

relax & run massage

30 minutes | 75

30 minutes of customized pressure where you need it most. Includes your choice of aromatherapy, CBD salve, and/or cupping.

ear acupuncture

30 minutes | 65


The ears have powerful reflex points which correspond to the entire body. Acupuncture needles stimulate these points to create changes in the body, and calm the central nervous system. A very relaxing and effective treatment!

Beautiful woman having acupuncture. Beautiful woman relaxing on a bed having acupuncture t


Sweet Feet + Ear Acupuncture

30 minutes | 100

Take in views of Lake Estes and Longs Peak while your feet rejuvenate in a warm, aromatic mineral salts soak. Ear acupuncture will balance your mind, body and spirit, in combination with an exfoliating scrub, foot mask, and thorough kneading of the feet and calves. A wonderful treat after a day of hiking or just to relieve stress.

glow & Go facial

30 minutes | 85

Quick yet completely customized with your choice of dermaplaning or microdermabrasion included.

Facial treatments
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Luxurious Bath Experiences

Immerse in our oversized tub, with selfcare products such as body scrubs, cleansers, facial masks, and body oils provided to give you the private, luxurious soak that you're craving! Perfect to add to any massage. 

25 minutes | 90

Make it a couples Bath | add 15

Choose from: 

*Cleopatra's Goddess Bath (Apricot Milk Bath)

*Arnica Joint & Muscle Bath (Arnica Bath Salts)

*Rocky Mountain High CBD Bath (CBD Lavender Salts)

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