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Acupuncture, an ancient healing modality, provides many benefits to modern ailments. Let our talented acupuncturist guide you to better health!

*Prices listed do not include a 22% service fee upon checkout, as gratuities for the associates who serve you.

Additional gratuities may be added upon your request.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Qi Signature Acupuncture

75 minutes

Great for first time acupuncture clients that are curious about the benefits of this ancient healing modality. Start with Shiatsu (pronounced She-At-Su), a rhythmic type of massage similar to acupressure, followed by an acupuncture treatment to bring balance and harmony to your whole being.

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New Client Acupuncture Visit

90 minutes

Work with our Licensed Acupuncturist for a complete evaluation and development of a treatment plan to address your needs. Includes acupuncture treatment and nutritional/herbal consultation when needed.

Image by Katherine Hanlon

Returning Client Acupuncture Visit

60 minutes

Includes acupuncture treatment and nutritional/herbal consultation when needed.

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Acupuncture Accents

Add a Massage

30 or 60 minutes

75 | 140

For the ultimate experience in healing and relaxation, add a massage to your acupuncture session.

Ear Seeds


Continue the benefits of your acupuncture session with Ear Seeds. Choose from several styles, including colored crystals and 24K gold beads. Ear Seeds will be accurately placed on acupuncture points on the ear specific to your needs. Ear Seeds will stay in place for up to a week.

Lemon & Calendula Facial Refresher


A soft lemon cleansing cream, linden-calendula masque, and stone crop mist will soothe, hydrate, and balance all skin types. Adds 15 minutes to your acupuncture session.

Dry Brushing


Dry brushing encourages healthy movement of lymph throughout the body, while gently sloughing off dead skin cells. Dry brushing can also aid in stress relief and improve digestion and kidney function. Adds 15 minutes to your acupuncture session.

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