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Brandied Pear & Apricot Massage Medley

Tension begins to melt as you recline in a Zero Gravity Massage Chair to begin your journey towards complete rejuvenation.


This is followed by a tranquil warm foot soak infused with a nourishing nectar milk bath, while your shoulders are enrobed in a warm, weighted compress. A paraffin hand treatment will soothe and hydrate, while your therapist exfoliates your feet and lower legs with a scrumptious Brandied Pear scrub.

The massage itself begins with a revitalizing dry brushing technique, stimulating circulation and promoting lymphatic drainage. This prepares your body for the exquisite hot stone massage that follows. Smooth, heated stones are expertly glided across your body, melting away stress and muscle tension. The stones, combined with a delicately scented apricot oil and customized-for-you pressure of our skilled therapists, create a harmonious dance that lulls you into a state of pure bliss.

105 minutes

Only available through March, 2024!

Table for One | 275

For Couples | 550

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