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Spa Tapas


To order: 


Call: 970-235-0056

Enjoy tasty bites before or after your spa services while relaxing in our lounge. 

Please place your order for spa tapas with us at least 24 hours in advance to ensure we can alert the chef of your requests. 

Prosecco, Mimosas, and Wine are all available without advanced notice. Prices vary.

Generally, portion sizes are for 1-2 guests to enjoy.

*Spa Tapas are to be enjoyed before or after your services at the spa.

Not available as to-go orders.

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Fruit Kebabs | 9

Seasonal fruit on skewers, served with greek yogurt


Cucumber & Radish Tea Sandwiches | 11

Cucumber & sliced radish, cream cheese, roasted garlic aioli, fresh dill, served on whole wheat bread

Raw Zucchini Sushi Rolls | 13

Cashew puree, avocado, cucumber, crab, carrot, rolled in a strip of zucchini

Charcuterie cone (for 1) | 13

A paper cone wrap stuffed with a selection of cured meats, several types of cheeses, dried fruit, olives and crackers


Charcuterie Board (for 2-3) | 27

A selection of cured meats, several types of cheeses, dried fruit, strawberries, olives, crackers, stone ground mustard and jam. 


Sweet pepper poppers | 11

Sweet peppers stuffed with whipped goat cheese and ricotta cheese


Avocado & Cold Smoked Salmon Toast | 16

Multigrain toast topped with smashed fresh avocado, cold smoked salmon and pickled red onion


Candy Apple Grapes | 9

Green grapes dipped in caramel and rolled in crushed peanuts


Limoncello & Mascarpone shooters | 9

A sweet dessert cup with raspberry cream

Pumpkin & oatmeal mini muffins | 11

topped with roasted chopped pecans


Chocolate covered strawberries | 10

6 plump strawberries, dipped in milk chocolate

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